NURS4250 Nursing Research & Quality Improvement Science

Course Description

In this course students will critically analyze models of research and quality improvement science, appraise evidence-based literature, and use information technology as the foundation for clinical decision making and data management to promote health outcomes associated with safety, cost, and clinical improvement. Students will apply ethical principles and quality science strategies to develop a plan to solve an identified practice problem. This course is web-based.

Course Credits: 2

PrerequisitesEnrollment in Nursing program. Approval by advisor.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the role of the professional nurse as an interprofessional team member and collaborator in conducting, evaluating, and applying research in health care.
  2. Articulate similarities and differences among research, quality improvement, and evidence-based practice processes relative to improving health care delivery in a diverse society.
  3. Identify a practice issue as context for review and critique of research and practice guidelines.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency using information technology in accessing and critically appraising web-based and library databases, practice guidelines, current online articles, and evidence-based and quality improvement literature.
  5. Critique research studies/designs and practice protocols on selected practice issues using ethical principles and evaluation criteria.
  6. Create an evidence-based plan to improve patient centered care, safety, and quality.