COSC6378 Computer and Network Security

Course Description

This course will focus on fundamental concepts and techniques used in computer and network security. Students will learn common threats and attacks in network systems, as well as practical experience in security. Various security measures such as cryptography will be investigated.

Course Credits: 3

PrerequisitesCOSC 6310 and COSC 6370 or permission of the instructor

Student Learning Outcomes

The expected outcomes include:

➢ Students will be able to identify security breaches in a computer network
➢ Students will have an understanding of a variety of cryptographic algorithms and protocols underlying network security applications.
➢ Students will have an understanding of various networking security applications, such as key distribution, cloud security, wireless security, SSL.
➢ Students will have an understanding of system-level security issues, such as intruders, viruses, and worms.
➢ Students will be able to conduct fundamental research on network security, such as cloud security, wireless security, and security on android.