EDBI6325 Teaching Language Arts and Reading for Spanish Speakers

Course Description

A critical analysis of materials in Spanish available for teaching language arts and reading. A survey of strategies for teaching reading and language arts to Spanish speakers.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: Admission to UTPB; admission to graduate studies or certification program; in addition to the College of Education requirements, must demonstrate proficiency in Spanish by passing the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT) or approved departmental exam.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • The student will understand the foundations of bilingual education and the concepts of bilingualism and biculturalism and apply this knowledge to create an effective learning environment for students in the bilingual education program
  • The student will understand processes of first and second language acquisition and development and apply this knowledge to promote students' language proficiency in their first language (L1) and second language (L2).
  • The student will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the development and assessment of literacy in L1 and the development and assessment of biliteracy.
  • The student will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of content-area instruction in L1 and L2 and use this knowledge to promote bilingual students' academic achievement across the curriculum.