EDLD6370 Instructional Leadership

Course Description

This course is designed to acquaint students with dimensions and processes which are a vital part of Instructional Leadership. This course is required for graduate students who are working toward a master's degree in educational leadership and/or pursuing the Principal as Instructional Leader Certification.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: None

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be able to articulate a personal definition of Instructional Leadership with consideration for elements and dimensions which are generally accepted as core components of Instructional Leadership.
  • Consider and articulate plans for application and decision-making in various dimensions of Instructional Leadership.
  • Advocate for leadership focused on improving teaching and learning by being better able to articulate a plan for teacher support.
  • Identify and be able to recommend and use various instructional tools that will help improve teaching effectiveness.
  • Describe characteristics of an effective campus and an effective classroom.
  • Evaluate the degree to which characteristics of an effective classroom are present and support capacity-building in teachers.
  • Coach teachers with a focus on professional development and growth.
  • Plan for teacher support in the area of differentiated instruction.
  • Plan for the strategic use of data for decision-making at the campus level.
  • Plan for the strategic use of instructional technology as a pedagogical tool.