EDSP6393 Practicum: Autism/Developmental Disabilities

Course Description

Candidates in the Au/DD track are expected to demonstrate knowledge, actions, or skills regarding seven recommended practices from the Division for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Council for Exceptional Children. These seven areas include Assessment, Curricular Content Knowledge, Programs, Services, and Outcomes, Research and Inquiry, Leadership and Policy, Professional and Ethical Practice, and Collaboration. This will be assessed with the evaluation form completed by their onsite supervisor in collaboration with the university supervisor.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisities: Completion of Special Education Core Courses is required prior to taking EDSP 6393. (EDSP 6315, 6348, 6349, EDSP 6345)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply evidence-based interventions appropriately.
  • Collect data using correct and appropriate strategy.
  • Analyze data in order to make adjustments to evidence-based interventions.
  • Communicate intervention strategies clearly to stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement an intervention plan . using at least one evidence-based strategy.