ENGL6323 Sensation Fiction

Course Description

This course focuses on sensation novels. Sensation novels, often associated with intense emotions, experienced by characters and readers alike, were not only exceedingly popular but also generated highly negative reviews. More than one hundred years later, these novels continue to intrigue postmodern critics who attempt to understand the implications of these novels in terms of the social constraints these novels fought and the gender, class, legal and moral boundaries they attempted to transgress.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: Admission in the English MA program or 24 undergraduate English hours. No formal prerequisites are required. If you are a senior, you will need my permission to enroll in the course. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Comprehend the means by which literary works endorse or undermine contemporary ideology.

2. Relate literature to your own psychological, social, and cultural issues.

3. Interpret literature through interdisciplinary perspectives.

4. Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge of nineteenth-century British novels.

5. Explain the significance of social contexts for the appreciation of literary works of art.