MRKT6310 Marketing Management

Course Description

An analysis of the customer/market relationships with the company in an open market system characterized by the presence of strong competition within a very fluid business environment. Managerial decision-making with this matrix will be stressed. Prerequisite recommended: previous coursework in microeconomics or equivalent.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Student Learning Outcomes

The major objective of this course is to introduce basic marketing concepts. The course will present these concepts from a practitioner’s perspective, intending to help develop skills that may be used by a marketing professional in a modern and ever-changing economy. A clear and holistic understanding of the marketing process. Knowledge of the different components of a marketing plan. A clear understanding of the application of the marketing plan and all its subcomponents, with respect to skill development. The course will be taught in part using an experiential learning approach. If you have a problem participating in marketing activities during the semester, you may like to discuss this with the instructor. Accommodations may be possible.