EDLD6473 Superintendency & the School Board

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide a practical set of experiences that will bring into focus the dynamics of the relationship between the Superintendent/CEO and the Board of Trustees. 

Major Topics in The Superintendency and the School Board 

  • The concept of the “Board Savvy Superintendent” 
  • Strategies, issues and best practices concerning governing design and increasing the Board’s governing capacity individually and collectively 
  • Practical strategies for providing board members with stimulating experiences in their work that will leverage their strengths and develop their skills 
  • Strategies, issues and best practices for involving the Board in leading strategic change 
  • Promoting and nurturing healthy relationships with the Board and individual members 
  • Strategies for “staying current” in the field of the superintendency 
  • An in-depth study of strategic planning and a practical application of the strategic planning process
  • An in-depth study, discussion and application of the TASB Superintendent Evaluation Instrument
  • A practical study for developing CEO specific performance targets for the Superintendent which include: support for the Board; external relations; educational leadership; finance resource development; internal operations and system development; individual professional development
  • Strategies, issues and best practices concerning ethics in the Superintendent-Board relationship with a look at relevant District practices, policies and procedures
  • Strategies, issues and best practices for managing Superintendent-Board conflicts which include but are not limited to: defining the differences between governance and administration; confidentiality – especially concerning closed executive meetings; overreaching of board members in making requests or giving directives directly to district staff for some operational purpose; surprises or unexpected facts/situations coming to light publicly that could have been communicated to board members privately previously
  • Issues concerning personal career planning and assessment, the superintendent’s departure and best practices for succession planning 

Course Credits: 4