EDLD6475 Education & Sociocultural Change

Course Description

The purpose of this course is the study of social issues and their relationship to instruction and policy formation including globalization, technological advancements, funding changes, cultural diversity and ethical decision-making. The course will examine how superintendents can better understand the sociocultural context influencing and shaping district and campus policies and cultures. A practicum or practical application, a Professional Improvement Project (PIP) will be built into the course. We will work together to explore the multicontextual issues impacting today's Superintendent and key educational leaders and the ethical challenges that abound in the profession.

Organization and time management is critical to the success of any administrator, but especially for the superintendent. As you begin this course, read the entire syllabus and all of the modules. Review all materials and begin to plan the semester. 

Course Credits: 4

Student Learning Outcomes

The faculty expects that candidates will:

  • Demonstrate content knowledge in their respective content-area
  • Use appropriate processes and teaching practices
  • Apply knowledge about child and adolescent development
  • Incorporate knowledge of diversity in planning and delivering instruction
  • Incorporate technology in planning and delivering instruction
  • Plan for and assess students’ learning
  • Create an appropriate learning environment
  • Communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Engage in professional growth