Business education wasn’t Ryan Peckham’s first career choice, but he soon came to realize that it was where his heart was. As an assistant professor for UT Permian Basin’s online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management program, he’s now guiding students toward successful business careers. Peckham generously shared his time to explain what inspired him to become a businessman and a teacher, how his own time as an online student influenced his approach to teaching, and what makes UTPB’s online BBA in management program stand out. 

A Passionate Educator, Entrepreneur, and UT Alum 

Peckham earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering and worked in the field for two years, but something was missing. “I found that I enjoyed people way too much to stay in that field,” Peckham explained. He earned an MBA at The University of Texas at Dallas while working in engineering and then worked in both banking and education as a community college teacher. This led him to an important realization: “I enjoyed teaching so much that I went on to pursue my doctorate degree. Around this same time, I started my investment firm. So, in addition to teaching I’m also a business owner and use these lessons throughout my teaching.”   

“I like that [teaching management] changes a lot,” Peckham continued. “I would get bored if what I taught was always the same. With business, there’s always something new going on.” He was enthusiastic about working at UTPB specifically: “Teaching at UT Permian Basin is great! The students are engaged and there’s a relaxed atmosphere that allows students and teachers to communicate and interact with ease.”   

Engagement Throughout the Educational Journey 

The online format of UTPB’s BBA in management program fosters a smooth, highly interactive educational experience for all involved. “I have taught online classes for over eight years at three separate institutions,” Peckham explained. “I have seen how online education has transformed from clunky to a much more seamless delivery.” 

He continued: “My doctorate degree was completed mostly online and because of this I know what it’s like to be a student in an online environment. Based on my experience as a student, I proactively try to engage with the students as much as possible in the online environment whether it’s through videos, video calls, or just simply taking more time with feedback to each individual student. I make it a point to reply to students as quickly as possible when they reach out and to also grade assignments and give feedback quickly so that they can incorporate that feedback into their next assignment.”      

Peckham feels it’s important not only to respond to students quickly, but to convey current business trends and developments in a timely way. “Students generally want to know how they can use what they’re learning in the real world. For this reason, I discuss real things that are happening in the business world in real time. If students know how they can use the information, they are always more engaged.”   

What UTPB Brings to the Table 

Online university degree programs are becoming commonplace, as Peckham pointed out: “The convenience of online teaching or studying is not going to go away.” So why should students choose UT Permian Basin’s online BBA in management? “We provide a world class education at a fraction of the cost,” Peckham explained. “You will get to know your professors and we will get to know you. You will also get to know the other students you’re studying with and hopefully create lifelong friendships that will last you much longer than the time you spend within the program.”     

A Degree With Unlimited Career Potential 

Unless undertaken solely for personal enrichment, any college degree program is only as valuable as the career potential it provides. According to Peckham, UTPB’s online BBA in management really delivers in this respect. “This degree will give you a solid base on which to stand to help any business you choose to work for or maybe the business you choose to start on your own,” he explained. “All businesses need management majors. One of the things I enjoy about this degree is that it can be used almost everywhere. There are countless industries that you can use this degree in.”   

Encouragement and Advice 

When asked what he would say to prospective online BBA in management students, Peckham didn’t hesitate: “I’d say go for it! Invest in yourself because the time is going to pass whether you enroll or not, so take advantage of the opportunity in front of you.” He also provided some advice about navigating the online format: “In an online environment the student needs to take a more proactive approach in engagement. It’s harder for a professor to ‘call on’ you like they do in class to keep you engaged so the student really must meet the professors halfway.”     

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