Student Testimonials and Faculty Spotlights

Learn what graduates had to say about our program and meet some of the educational leadership program’s faculty members.

Student Testimonials

Cameron Sloan

“UTPB taught me, through the program, what type of leader I wanted to be.”

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Barbara Triplett

“Anytime and every time you have an opportunity to impact a young learner and help build those connections and develop that brain and build that foundation for future success is just an opportunity to have a real impact.”

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Amy Russell

“[G]oing virtual allowed me to take their work that had to be done and apply my schedule to it and remain on top of what needed to be turned in.”

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Baillie Smilie

“[F]rom the very last course that I took to the very first course that I took or even the courses I was taking at the same time, there was like this golden thread that weaved between that really helped me get a full, comprehensive understanding of what it was that I was getting my master’s for in the first place”  

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Rose Kebe

“I think if I would have known about this program when I was raising my son, “I wouldn’t have waited.”

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Jesica Borunda

“I can’t thank the professors there enough, and I think that they have really made an impact on my life.”

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Faculty Spotlights

Kevin Badgett, EdD

“When we’re working as leaders, we’re working in leadership development. We’re preparing people to think about how they coordinate other people so that they’re building capacity in the systems and in all the components of those systems: the people, the teachers, the students, the parents, the community.

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Rod Uzat, PhD

“For me, there’s a direct line from administrative work to teaching and learning. Sometimes that line gets lost a little bit for people because of the nature of the work. At the schools I’ve served, one of the requirements was that regardless of the position you held—principal on down—you’re going to teach one class, so I’ve always maintained a connection to the classroom.

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