In 2020, the Hispanic population of the United States reached about 62 million, and by 2050 that number is projected to leap more than 60% to surpass 100 million. It’s clear Americans must consider Spanish-language proficiency vital to both their professional ambitions—no matter their career path—and everyday lives.  

UT Permian Basin is here to prepare you for success in a multilingual culture with Spanish-centered online programs that enable you to quickly add new skills and credentials to your resume. Each of these master’s degree and certificate programs empowers you to complete coursework on your own schedule, around existing commitments, from just about any location.  

Online Master of Arts in Spanish (30 credits) 

As we’ve noted, the Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. is growing rapidly. Here’s another statistic for you: Master’s degree holders earn about 18% more than bachelor’s degree holders. Our online master’s degree in Spanish immerses you in language, linguistics, culture, literature, and teaching methodology while also boosting your earning potential for a variety of careers. 

Online Graduate Certificate in Spanish (12 credits) 

If you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree but haven’t yet committed to pursuing a master’s degree, this graduate-level certificate provides an alternative that will benefit you in education careers and beyond. A stackable credential, our Spanish graduate certificate offers condensed academic training for greater fluency and comprehension in as little as two semesters. Later, you can also apply to our MA in Spanish program with a 12-credit head start!  

Online Certificate in Spanish for First Responders (9 credits) 

For paramedics, firefighters, and peace officers, being able to understand others in emergency situations can literally make the difference between life and death. Our undergraduate-level online Certificate in Spanish for First Responders equips you with a functional knowledge of medical terminology as well as valuable cultural context that will enable you to deliver a higher quality of service to Spanish speakers.