“Having the opportunity to earn your degree online is an excellent [way] to complete your education even if you have a busy lifestyle.”

–Rabah Mahmoud, online MS-CJAD student 

A juvenile probation corrections officer for the Riverside County (California) Probation Department, Rabah Mahmoud knew a graduate degree could help her excel in her career. Research led her to The University of Texas Permian Basin, where she considered both a master’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in criminal justice. “There were so many programs to choose from at UTPB, and they were all affordable,” Mahmoud explained.” She ultimately decided on our online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

Mahmoud graciously shared her time to explain her experience with the program, including the role the youth of her community played in inspiring her to earn her degree, the best part of online learning, and her degree’s impact on her professional future.

Helping Guide Tomorrow’s Adults

Mahmoud has a passion for steering young people toward a better path in life, and her master’s degree enables her to better connect with them. “[This degree] allows me to contribute to my community in a meaningful way,” Mahmoud explained. “Being a juvenile probation officer, I can assist youth in gaining insight into themselves and their relationship with others, justice, and society.” She found one program course highly beneficial in achieving that objective. “Working with juveniles can result in a crisis, a traumatic event, or both. One of the many exciting classes I’ve completed, Crisis and Trauma Intervention, has made me a better person when interacting with at-risk adolescents.”

A Degree Program Designed Around Working Professionals

Mahmoud felt she got the support she needed to prepare her for success in our program. “There is an online orientation for each semester taken online,” she said. “The instructors laid out the objectives and expectations for each course, so there were no surprises. If there was any confusion, the professors were accommodating. They also went above and beyond by sharing their field experiences with their students to make them more knowledgeable.”

“I have completed classes online and on-campus during my time at UTPB,” Mahmoud explained. “The instructors provided vital information to ensure our success while online and on campus. To ensure that no knowledge was missed, the professors also held office hours for students to meet virtually or in person.” She added: “The best part of getting my degree online is that it is highly flexible with my hectic work schedule. Despite having assignments due every week, it helped me regulate my time better to turn in assignments on time.”

Post-Graduation Benefits

Mahmoud has benefitted professionally and personally from completing her degree. “Since earning my master’s degree in criminal justice administration, I’ve been utilizing what I’ve learned in my daily life. It has enabled me to be more open-minded when confronted with difficult situations and resolve the matter using my best judgment. Education has given me opportunities to connect, communicate, and build a better future. Being in the program and taking the required courses has made me view instances differently and respond to them in educated yet unbiased ways.” Mahmoud is confident about the career benefits of her degree: “Graduating with a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration … will help me when I eventually join my local police department.”

A Worthwhile Investment

Mahmoud did not hesitate when asked if she would recommend our degree program. “Online programs provide a flexible and cost-effective approach to getting a high-quality degree and preparing for more rewarding opportunities,” she explained. And to those on the fence, she offered these parting thoughts: “Don’t waste valuable time thinking about joining the master’s program; it is a one-year program. It’s a fantastic option for advancement in your professional path and everyday life concerns.”

Join Rabah in building a stronger community and career! Apply today to our online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration program.