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Law Enforcement Intervention in Mental Health Incidents

Miami police officers responding to a 911 call found two men sitting in the street. One was holding an unknown shiny object. The other man put his hands up, but the man holding the object ignored police commands. An officer fired a gun at him, but the shot missed its intended target and hit the other man in the leg.  The shiny…

5 Hot Topics in Modern Criminal Justice

Stories related to the U.S. criminal justice system often make headlines. However, many of the complex and controversial issues covered in these stories don’t lend themselves to simple, clear-cut solutions and news-ready synopses. Here, we examine five current issues in criminal justice and explore the degree programs that can help make sense of these complex subjects:   Body Cameras Increased attention on fatal incidents involving alleged police misconduct has spurred a push to make body cameras standard equipment for police, alongside handcuffs and pepper spray. The intent is to achieve greater accountability and transparency regarding police actions through recorded evidence. This is…

The Supreme Court’s Role in the U.S. Justice System

Often called the “highest court in the land,” the U.S. Supreme Court serves as the last stop for many cases that make their way through the U.S. justice system. However, the Supreme Court only hears cases it prefers, and it prefers only a selected few. In fact, the Supreme Court receives approximately 10,000 petitions each year but only hears 70-80 cases a year. In some instances, the court declines to take a case, sending it back…