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Growing Cyber Security Threats

Beneath the composite skin of an F-35 fighter jet is an interconnected network comprised of weapons and logistics systems and a “threat library” database. This “flying computer” is connected to the military through at least two secure networks. However, the same technology that makes the F-35 one of the most advanced pieces of machinery in…

Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century

Many daily transactions, from shopping to scheduling an appointment, or simply checking up on a friend, now take place online. While this offers tremendous convenience, it also introduces new risks such as data breaches. Hackers regularly access, steal, and exploit potentially sensitive data from online servers. As these information systems become more sophisticated in detecting and thwarting such cyberattacks, hackers adapt their methods to circumvent increased protections.  There are many reasons why hackers steal data. It can be to disrupt the operations of an entity—a…