What does the year ahead hold for marketing? For starters, some changes spurred by the pandemic and others born from technological and/or sociological evolution. Let’s look at a few anticipated marketing trends for 2022 now:

Tossing the Cookies

Cookies have always left a bad taste in the mouths of some internet users who didn’t appreciate being “followed” around the internet. Google is removing third-party tracking cookies from its Chrome browser in 2023 (postponed from 2022) and doesn’t plan to replace them with an alternate feature. Other major web browsers have already banned these cookies, which track users from website to website and deliver ads that align with users’ interests based on those sites. The new 2023 target date means marketers will spend a good portion of 2022 ramping up alternative tactics such as first-party cookies, which eliminate privacy concerns by enabling users to opt in.

Offering Artificial Assistance for Real People

The use of artificial intelligence in the customer service experience is on the rise. This shift doesn’t replace customer service agents, but rather helps them complete their jobs more efficiently.

Sticking (Mostly) to Virtual Events

Webinars and other types of virtual events have been around for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic helped illustrate the value and cost-savings of these events. Individuals and organizations can save significant money on airfare, lodging, rental space, and other costs related to holding in-person events when a virtual option is feasible. With some people preferring in-person events and others opting for virtual attendance, marketers can please both audiences by holding hybrid events.

Shrinking Influence

While using influencers for marketing is not new, their price tag and credibility have come under increasing scrutiny. Many marketers are considering moving to micro-influencers whose follower bases are more compact but typically very loyal.

Making a Difference With Nonprofits

Philanthropy is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Marketers are taking note of this trend and aligning their efforts with organizations and causes that matter to their targeted consumers.

Moving From a Funnel to a Flywheel

The traditional “sales funnel” approach, which focuses on getting individual customers through the sales cycle, is being replaced by a reengagement model known as Flywheel, which puts more value on keeping customers once they are acquired.

Posting More Shorts

With short-form video finishing out 2021 as a major attraction for social media users, marketers are expected to increase their video content output.

Becoming More Inclusive

Marketing efforts will more clearly speak to multiple demographics in an increasingly diverse consumer pool.

Stay Ahead of Marketing Trends Through Online Learning

The University of Texas Permian Basin’s AACSB-accredited College of Business offers two online programs that can keep you abreast of the latest marketing trends and position you to prosper in a related career:

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing 

Today’s marketing is data driven. When you earn an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from UT Permian Basin, you’ll look at data about consumer behavior and demographics to help you develop targeted, effective marketing strategies. Our undergraduate degree prepares you to market a product or service using traditional (direct mail, print ads, broadcast media, etc.) and digital (social media, email, SEO, influencer) channels. Along the way, you’ll hone communication and strategic thinking skills that can help you excel in many professional roles.

Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital or internet-based marketing has become essential to the success of just about every organization. Compared to most traditional marketing methods, digital marketing can save an enterprise money, hit the public eye more quickly, and target a specific audience more easily. To meet the growing need for digital marketing proficiency among today’s business and marketing professionals, UT Permian Basin has developed a 12-credit online, undergraduate digital marketing certificate program. As a student, you’ll explore digital marketing’s unique advantages and learn how to use the latest tools of the trade.

Add Two Career-Enhancing Credentials to Your Resume

All the courses that comprise our stand-alone digital marketing certificate are also available as electives for the BBA in marketing degree. Choose your electives carefully and you can earn both the certificate and the degree in the same amount of time it takes to complete just the degree! You can then apply that combined expertise in many marketing specialties, including:

  • Brand management
  • Digital marketing/social media marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Product management
  • Sales management
  • Advertising & promotion

Earn Your Credentials on Your Schedule

Our BBA in marketing degree and digital marketing certificate are delivered in a 100% online, asynchronous format that enables you to complete coursework at your own pace from practically anywhere in the world. We offer the flexibility to earn important education credentials as you continue to meet your professional and personal obligations. You can finish most individual courses in just eight weeks!

UT Permian Basin’s online marketing programs prepare you to be a successful marketer no matter what trends may lie ahead. Apply today!