MNGT3315 Developing Management Skills

Course Description

Developing management skills is designed to provide students with fundamental management and leadership skills that are needed for personal and managerial effectiveness. Topics that will be discussed included developing self-awareness managing stress solving problems analytically and creatively communicating effectively gaining power and influence motivating others managing conflict empowering and delegating building effective teams and leading positive change.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: MNGT 3310 (Management Concepts and Organizational Theory)

Student Learning Outcomes

The primary purpose of this course is to provide students with practical insights into developing managerial and leadership skills. Thus, upon the completion of this course, students will obtain competencies and skills needed for being an effective manager and leader. Objectives/outcomes: Students will learn "what to do to be an effective manager" and how to develop the right strategies.

  1. Students will identify the ten characteristics common to all effective and successful managers and leaders.
  2. Students will develop skills that support effective management and leadership in organizations.
  3. Students will apply practices used by successful and effective managers and leaders.
  4. Students will recognize modern leadership theories, research results, and applications that apply in worldwide organizations.