MRKT4314 Marketing Research

Course Description

Behavioral sciences research methods, social process and structure influences upon marketing activities and their integration as a total system of marketing action.

Course Credits: 3

PrerequisitesMRKT 3300, and MNGT 2342 or MNGT 3302 or MNGT 3402 or equivalent. Please ensure that you have the prerequisites as a check will be done after the class starts, and anytime if it is discovered that you don’t have the prerequisites, you may be dropped.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • A clear and holistic mastery of the marketing research
  • Knowledge of the different components of a marketing research plan
  • A clear mastery of the application of the marketing research plan and all its subcomponents with respect to Skill Development in strategy formulation, and applying the steps and the processes in data analysis.
  • The course will be taught in part using an experiential learning approach. If you have a problem participating in marketing research activities out