ENGR1204 Engineering Graphics

Course Description

(1 hr class 3 hr lab)Introduction to computer-aided drafting using CAD software and sketching to generate two- and three-dimensional drawings based on the conventions of engineering graphical communication; topics include spatial relationships multi-view projections and sectioning dimension graphical presentation of data and fundamentals of computer graphics. Cross-listing: ITEC 2200.
To enable engineering and technology students to become competent in producing professional engineering drawings and graphics using Creo Parametric software.
General Topics: Introduction to Creo Parametric, Creating a Simple Object, Revolved Protrusions, Mirror copies, Rounds, and Chamfers, Modeling Utilities, Datum Planes and Sketcher Tools, Patterns and Copies, Engineering Drawings, Assembly Fundamentals
Target Audience: mechanical engineering and industrial technology students freshmen
Required for: Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Technology majors
Method of instruction: web content pages, with audio/video lectures, optional group work (project only)

Course Credits: 2

Prerequisites: MATH1324

Student Learning Outcomes

  • (1) Demonstrate proficiency in geometric modeling and computer-aided drafting and design (CADD);
  • (2) Communicate engineering design through computer graphics software using standard graphical representation methods;
  • (3) Complete a project involving creation of a technical data package for a small assembly.