NURS4151 Seminar: Practice of Professional Nursing II

Course Description

In this seminar, students expand scholarly reasoning skills associated with competencies essential in leadership and public health nursing roles through reflective inquiry and integration of nursing leadership research and theory based practices and community based experiences. Students will have the opportunity to appraise a variety of models of interprofessional collaboration, quality improvement, and information technology through the use of reflective dialogue, aesthetics, and professional engagement.

Course Credits: 1

PrerequisitesNursing program acceptance per completion of admission requirements. Co-requisites: NURS 4450 Clinical Leadership I 

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze the impact of current social trends on professional nursing and health care delivery.
  2. Evaluate evidence supporting effectiveness of different styles of leadership
  3. Appraise communication patterns in nursing and community settings with patients, other nurses and staff, and other health care professionals.
  4. Describe the ethical, fiscal, and legal responsibilities of nurse leader in creating an environment for safe, quality patient care, and safe nursing practice.
  5. Demonstrate reflective leadership through self-knowing and self-care through the evaluation and revision of professional action and wellness plan.
  6. Demonstrate characteristics of adult learning, including self-direction, commitment to life-long learning and involvement in the profession and self-care through initiation of a professional portfolio.