NURS4451 Clinical Leadership II

Course Description

Synthesis of clinical reasoning and creative application of evidence for nursing leadership essential in promoting intra and inter-professional collaboration in dynamic healthcare organizations and systems; Students will employ quality improvement science, and evidence-based- resources for programmatic design, implementation and evaluation. This course is web-enhanced.

Course Credits: 4

PrerequisitesNURS 4450; NURS 4151 and prerequisites for those courses

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Analyze core competencies and qualities of nurse leaders in a variety of health care organizations and systems.
  2. Define the principles of shared- and self-governance applied to nursing
  3. Integrate selected theories and evidence to address current patient-safety and leadership challenges in the emerging health care environment.
  4. Demonstrate leadership skills needed to assess staff competencies, supervise staff, and coordinate with other healthcare professionals to promote evidence based, holistic, cultural congruent care.
  5. Apply critical reasoning/ethical decision-making skills to leadership situations and scenarios.
  6. Appraise the culture of an organization or health care system and its receptivity to change
  7. Use quality improvement strategies to design an ethical and culturally sensitive action plan to address patient safety and other systems problems.
  8. Assume accountability for own professional development.