MRKT4301 E-Marketing

Course Description

Exploration of the basic issues and methods of electronic (internet-based) marketing within the general context of electronic commerce. The adaptation of basic marketing logic is emphasized.

Course Credits: 3


Student Learning Outcomes

The major objective of this course is to introduce the general marketing concept in the context of the Internet. The course will present these concepts from a practitioner’s perspective, intending to help develop skills that may be used by a marketing professional in a modern and ever-changing economy. Objectives/outcomes:

  • To introduce students to current marketing and advertising theories and practices in the context of the Internet,
  • To enable students the opportunity to apply this knowledge in the real world via selfchosen projects.
  • Special attention will be given to learning Internet Marketing models, understanding consumer online behavior, designing effective online content and implementing interactive marketing campaigns with social media and other Internet-based communication platforms