We had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Beth Campbell, a 2023 graduate of our online Bachelor of Arts in Humanities program.  

With a career spanning over 30 years in the hospitality industry, Campbell faced an unexpected challenge when COVID-19 struck. “[M]y position was eliminated, and I had no idea what I wanted to do,” she began. “I applied for probably 1,500 jobs and couldn’t find anything.” 

Campbell grappled with the daunting prospect of starting over. During this time of self-reflection, she had an epiphany: Why not go back to school and chase her lifelong dream of becoming an educator?  

One Google search later, Campbell stumbled upon The University of Texas Permian Basin and its online BA in humanities program. “I always believe everything happens for a reason,” she said, “so when I saw [the program], I was like, this is for me. It’s affordable. It’s online. It’s something that I’m interested in.” And just like that, her academic journey at UT Permian Basin began. 

What’s It Like in UT Permian Basin’s Online Classroom?  

As a humanities student, Campbell studied a broad range of subjects, including literature, history, and fine arts, enriching her understanding of culture. “I studied things that I hadn’t studied before, like rhetoric and philosophy and the different literatures that I had never been introduced to,” she said. “All of the courses that were required or which I chose as electives were interesting and all were very informative.”  

In our virtual classroom, Campbell spent time reading, writing papers, and participating in online discussions. “I had pretty good communication skills already,” she explained. “[The humanities program] honed my writing skills. I’m a much better writer than I was in the beginning.” Equipped with the soft and technical skills she developed through our curriculum, Campbell is closer than ever to realizing her dream of becoming an educator.  

Falling in Love With Art History 

One subject in particular stole Campbell’s heart. “If I am fortunate to get into a high school to teach, I’m going to offer to teach a class on art history just because I grew to love it so much,” she revealed. Notably, our online humanities program offers the courses Art History Survey I, which examines art from prehistory to the Renaissance, and Art History Survey II, which looks at art from the Renaissance to the post-modern era. 

What’s It Like Learning Under UT Permian Basin’s Professors?  

Campbell flourished in our online program, but she didn’t start off feeling confident in her abilities. The challenges posed by her first class, Rhetoric in Western Thought, threw her for a loop. “[W]e were talking about all the philosophers, and, oh man, this is pretty deep,” she recalled, remembering her initial doubts about passing the course.  

Thankfully, she had a stellar teacher. Her professor, Jeremy Cox, offered suggestions and feedback that Campbell took to heart. “I built upon that and ended up making an A+ in the class, so yes, I think I’m a much more well-rounded person because I’m definitely more confident than I was,” she said, adding that she was “pretty confident to begin with.”  

Receiving Guidance From Our Expert Faculty 

“Hands down they have some of the best professors there,” said Campbell, referring to the expert faculty leading the online humanities degree program. She praised Dr. Marlon Fick, who teaches Shakespeare. “He was awesome. Fantastic. He’s actually the reason I’m doing my master’s,” said Campbell. “He got me thinking that my work was good enough to go to graduate school.” Additionally, she commended Dr. Alissa Adams, an art historian who teaches a wide variety of history classes. “She was fantastic,” Campbell affirmed. 

What Comes After Earning a Humanities Degree Online?  

A graduate of UT Permian Basin, Campbell is now pursuing a master’s degree in humanities at Wilson College. “My studies at UTPB assisted in my application process for graduate school and allowed me to be accepted with no issues,” she said.  

Campbell still hopes to become a teacher. “I know I’m old, but I’m hip,” she joked. However, she’s only now starting to realize the opportunities her degree affords her. Roles like museum curator, copy editor, and proposal manager are all under consideration. We have no doubt she’ll be successful regardless of the path she chooses.  

Does Campbell Recommend Our Online Program? 

Campbell wholeheartedly recommends our “awesome” online BA in humanities program. She offered this piece of advice to potential students: “[I]f you’re willing to do the work and you’re wanting to learn and expand on your knowledge base, I definitely would recommend it. 100%.” 

Experience UT Permian Basin’s Online Humanities Program for Yourself 

Whether you’re a working professional looking to advance your career, a high school graduate looking for what comes next, or a lifelong learner eager to broaden your horizons, UT Permian Basin’s online BA in humanities program offers a path to success.  

Join our online humanities degree program and you’ll study a wide range of topics, including human history, culture, literature, and philosophy. Explore the works of Shakespeare, the masterworks of jazz history, and the beginnings of human civilization—all without leaving your home. Our online courses include: 

  • Colonial America 
  • Film Music History 
  • Interpersonal Communication 
  • Literature & Mythology 
  • Modern Media in Society 
  • Music Appreciation 
  • Virtual Reality 

Fascinating and captivating, our courses are designed to equip students with the communication, cultural awareness, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills needed to excel in today’s workplace. Overall, our online humanities program provides a well-rounded education, preparing students for a wide range of career paths, including:  

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Human resources 
  • Public relations 
  • Social work 
  • Writing and editing 

If you’re ready to embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery, intellectual growth, and endless possibilities, take the next step and apply to our online Bachelor of Arts in Humanities program today.