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7 Management Styles for Today’s Workforce

Are you an aspiring business leader? It’s an admirable and achievable pursuit. But what kind of leader will you be?   All leaders have a management style. According to HRZone, management styles are “the principles that underline the methods, abilities and techniques managers use in handling situations and expressing leadership within an organisation.”  If you want to pursue a leadership role in an organization, whether you’re already…

What Is a Nurse Licensure Compact State?

Disease spreads independently of state boundaries. For proof, you only have to look at COVID-19, which is devastating heavily populated areas across the country. Hospitals in places like Arizona and Florida are short-staffed and in desperate need of licensed medical personnel. Dozens of states have enacted temporary licensing waivers, permitting out-of-state healthcare providers to practice on…

Why Study Communication?

What is communication? It seems like an obvious question, but it bears discussion for two reasons. First, it’s important to have a context for why the study of communication is beneficial. Second, communication is a more broadly encompassing topic than you may realize.  At the fundamental level, communication is getting some kind of message across to others. This can be achieved in a variety of ways:  Verbal communication means communicating with others by creating sounds. These sounds…

The Impact of Gender on the Role of Superintendent

Superintendents oversee virtually every aspect of a school district, from ensuring that its curriculum meets approved standards to meeting with parents regarding their child’s education. As leaders, superintendents can enact positive, lasting change that benefits the lives of students, teachers, and administrators. They must be able to set an example, inspire others, encourage teamwork, and…

The Increasing Importance of Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is growing at present and is expected to be the primary way products and services are bought and sold in the future. But what is digital commerce? Let’s begin by looking at a few definitions from companies that provide digital commerce solutions.  2Checkout says: “Also known as eCommerce, digital commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services using the Internet, mobile networks and commerce infrastructure.”   Gartner states: “Digital…

How Accounting Scandals Have Shaped Modern Accounting

In recent decades, accounting has unfortunately become synonymous with scandal in the world of big business. While the vast majority of companies use legal and ethical accounting practices, many of those involved in scandals are or were major players with household names. This cast an unfortunate shadow over a very important and legitimate profession.   What causes accounting scandals? Greed is a factor, though…

The Impact of Immigration on Bilingual/ESL Education

Over five million students in American public schools are English language learners (ELL), students who are studying to become fluent English speakers. While Spanish is by far the most commonly spoken language by K-12 students with limited English proficiency, other common languages include Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and Hmong. In total, over 400 different languages are spoken by ELLs…

What Does Liberal Arts Mean?

The term liberal arts has long been connected with education. In colleges, there are liberal arts programs starting at the associate degree level and continuing all the way up to the graduate level. “Liberal” has many connotations, but what are liberal arts? How did they get their name, and why are they considered important in education?  First, let’s look at the origins of…

Political Science
5 Jobs a Public Administration Degree Can Help You Land

If you’re working in the public or the nonprofit sector, you may be ready to move up in your career and become a leader in your field. If you aspire to work in one of those sectors, you may be looking for a way to boost your relevant qualifications. Either way, new credentials can lead to new opportunities. Some government agencies and organizations require a graduate-level degree for advancement. A degree such as a Master of…

The Importance of Certification in Educator Career Advancement

The United States is in desperate need of qualified teachers—so much so that schools have started hiring teachers from half a world away. School districts are searching for fully certified professionals, preferably those who are certified to teach two subjects, but what’s the purpose of dual certification if schools are going to such extremes to hire…

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