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So You Want to Be a Financial Manager 

“Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it’s the lifeblood of business.” — Sir Richard Branson, famed entrepreneur  Many elements go into making a successful enterprise, but money is without question what keeps a business alive. As such, managing the flow of money—what’s coming in, going out, and moving within—is a critical role…

Top Three Trends in Healthcare Leadership

The effects of COVID-19 continue to reverberate throughout the healthcare sector, even as infection rates across the United States have fallen since the height of the pandemic. Getting those numbers under control remains a high priority, alongside tackling major issues that in some cases grew out of the pandemic. Let’s look at three of the…

What’s the Difference Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist? 

People often use the titles “psychologist” and “psychiatrist” interchangeably. But while they’re separated by just a few letters, practitioners of both specialties would tell you their professions are quite different. There are certainly similarities between psychologists and psychiatrists. Both are “mind experts” who treat their patients’ mental and emotional conditions, albeit in different ways that…

How Marketing and Business Overlap 

“Business” is a broad term encompassing marketing, management, accounting, finance, and other functional areas. Each of these areas play a key role in the operation and success of any business, but for this article we’re going to focus on marketing. First, with a definition from a leading marketing organization, and then some clarification of our…

Ask a Career Services Professional 

People earn college degrees for many reasons: to grow intellectually and culturally, to make their loved ones proud, or to gain a sense of accomplishment. The primary motivation for most people, however, is to enjoy a more rewarding career. Research backs the notion that those looking to start a career or vie for advancement within…

By The Numbers: What Is Superintendent Certification Worth? 

As of January 2023, the average school superintendent salary in Texas is $169,476. That’s a respectable number and appealing to many superintendent candidates, but as an average it doesn’t tell the whole story. A September 2022 report sourced from the Texas Education Agency showed annual superintendent salaries topping or approaching the half-million-dollar mark. These salaries…