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What Is a Graduate Certificate Program?

Graduate school is often the end of a journey for students eager to start their careers. For experienced professionals, it offers the chance to move up the corporate ladder or pivot into a new direction. Yet no matter how necessary a graduate education may be for improving a person’s career prospects or satisfaction, it doesn’t…

Cyber Security
Cyber Security in the Age of Remote Work

Cyber security threats have always been moving targets. Hackers continually adapt their tactics to get around increased security measures and continue compromising networks and the data they contain. Organizations and individuals have had to pivot to keep their systems and data safe from these ever-evolving threats. Recent changes to how and where people access information…

The World’s Largest Clean Energy Projects

Clean energy comes in many forms. These renewable power sources create little to no pollution in the air, water, or soil, and some are even inexhaustible. Let’s look at a few clean energy sources, substantial clean energy efforts around the world, and energy business career potential—including salaries. Clean Energy Sources Some common sources of clean…

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Special Education?

If you’re considering applying to a master’s in special education program, you might want to know what your career prospects will be after graduation. Here we explore just a few of the many professional advantages you can experience with a master’s degree in special education. Enjoy a Rewarding Career That Enhances Lives—Including Your Own Few…

What Changes to the CPA Exam Mean for You

Passing the CPA exam is a necessary step toward becoming a certified public accountant. As with any exam, preparation is critical, and part of that preparation is being aware of the changes to the exam that sometimes occur. The CPA exam has at least a few changes almost every year, so why waste time studying…

What GIS Can Reveal About the World Around Us

Geographic information systems (GIS) have been closely connected with city planning, surveying, and automobile navigation for many years. While these systems can tell you the best location for a city park, where your property lines are, and where your best friend’s new house is, GIS technology has far broader applications, many of which may surprise…

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