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What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Spanish?

Considering earning a Master of Arts in Spanish? If so, you may be curious about where that degree can take you. Staying competitive, maximizing your salary, and securing access to a wide variety of professional options are priorities shared by many prospective graduate students, and an MA in Spanish can help you accomplish these goals…

Administrators Making a Difference in Educational Leadership

Principals and superintendents are sources of inspiration, catalysts for change, and advocates for student success. In your time as a teacher or administrator, you’ve likely come across educational leaders who embodied these ideals—or perhaps you’ve even recognized them in yourself. Today, we’ll be looking at four extraordinary administrators who exemplify what can be done when…

Political Science
How Accurate Are TV Legal Dramas?

TV legal dramas, sometimes referred to as courtroom dramas, have been popular since nearly the beginning of television’s rise to prominence. In 1955, a television could be found in half of all homes in the United States. Two years later, Americans tuned in for the premiere of “Perry Mason,” a series following the work of…

Political Science
How Political Science Influences Society

Political science is an examination of the foundation, objectives, and effects of power as it exists between rulers and the ruled. This study of “the state, government and politics” has shaped our society in a way that is hard to describe. Therefore, we’ll let longtime political activist Vermin Supreme put into words what we cannot:…

Social Responsibility in the Petroleum Industry

Social responsibility is a virtue that we can demonstrate through our buying habits and living practices and through an awareness of how these behaviors affect others around us. In the petroleum industry, which has a global footprint and the power to impact many economies and ecosystems, social responsibility takes on monumental importance. Companies in this…

How Media Can Affect Communication

Consider the many forms of media a person engages with on a daily basis. Within the span of a few moments, one might receive an urgent email, hear a Billboard-topping song on the radio, and respond to a text message composed of nothing but emojis. Media defines communication and can deliver messages through any number…

How to Choose Your Special Education Master’s Degree Track

Many teachers are driven by the desire to impart the knowledge and skills that will help students thrive throughout their lives. However, some students have specialized education needs due to a disability or disorder, which means accomplishing this goal may require additional training. If you’re considering pursuing a graduate degree and eventual career in special…

What Is a BSN?

A BSN, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is a respected undergraduate degree that many nurses use as a stepping stone from working as an RN to taking on greater professional responsibilities. Here we’ll discuss the BSN and its benefits in greater detail. But before we go deeper into that specific topic, let’s establish some…

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